Friday, 18 November 2011

Beaten By The Binmen!

With a bit more light on offer today, I got the camera out early this morning and sat myself up in the bedroom window, curtains drawn and lens poking through, to see what would come in on the bird table! The resident Robin, a Great Tit, Blue Tits bombing back and forth. Then the Great Spotted Woodpecker appeared, perched atop the nearest telegraph pole, I steadied myself, finger stretched at the ready on the shutter button, all the other birds disappear from the feeders, he calls, he flies towards the Nuts landing on the fence checking out the area, I move position slightly, and then the bloody Dustbin men come, male Woodpecker a gonna!

I thought Id spend my lunch break around Rooksbury Mill today as the sun kept appearing through the cloud, with the hope of getting some shots of the Kingfisher with better light. A lot of the Blackbirds from wednesday seeming to have vanished with just a few showing up around the reserve. Mute Swans, Tufted Duck, Mallard, Little Grebe & Gadwall all showing on the smaller lake. The larger and main lake almost empty with only 2 Swans a Moorhen and a Coot present.

I returned to the small former watercress bed several times during my lunch hour, as this was the place I saw the Kingfisher earlier in the week, I stood and waited for about a total of 30 mins, hidden behind a bramble patch peering out for a glimpse. Nothing, I could hear a pair calling quite frequently to my right on the main river, but nothing appeared in-front of me. There was however a small bird on the drainage pipes from the other cress beds which enter the pool, Sat preening in the midday sun, not once giving me a glimpse of its tail or wing weathers. The only identification I can give is a Grey Wagtail, possibly a juvenile, attached below are some pictures. Please let me know if you have any other ideas.

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