Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Massive Camera Envy

Wandering around the lakes for a spot of birding im sure is the best way to spend my lunch hour rather than being sat at my desk flicking to the internet every 2 mins, Wouldn't you agree? There might be a pattern forming in all of my posts that all sightings are crammed into an hour window around midday.

I'm not usually the jealous type, I just want to enjoy the wildlife and hopefully take a few pics to be proud of, The last few times i've visited Anton Lakes LNR i've seen or heard the Kingfishers, the shallower pool is only about 30 yards from the Car Park, sociable chap that I am, I strike up conversation with a Photographer there, Camera and Airbus Sized Lens set up on his tripod, Second Jumbo Jet Lens and camera resting on the ground!

So there's me feeling all inadequate to be even starting a conversation about Photography with someone who probably has way more expertise and a damn sight more money to spend! And I'm a little bit jealous, i mean why does he need two? Yes two ridiculously huge telephoto's. We talk about the Kingfisher's and how he's seen two today so far, and that they don't seem to want to play ball. He proceeds to show me a picture, all the while complaining about the lighting, the distance and pretty much everything else he could think of. And all the while I'm thinking to myself, id be so proud of that shot. I guess I'm easily pleased!

Anyway rant over, after leaving the guy crying over what might have been, I wandered down the footpath along the circular route. Baring in mind that Anton Lakes slots in between two of Andover's more famous (rough) housing estates. Sunshine for a change bringing out a lot more dog walkers than I'm accustomed to seeing, Lots of Smaller Birds calling in the trees, but a little bit hesitant to come out, but that might have been due to the Female Sparrowhawk circling above..

Female Sparrowhawk
A small flock of Goldfinches on the thistle heads alongside the path, disturbed pretty quickly by a rather large Alsatian and his Tennis ball. Not a lot else to report, seemed to be a lot more Canadian Geese on the lake and a few pairs of Tufted Ducks showing up though.

A lot of Moorhens all the way around the area, but this one caught my eye with quite a nice reflection on the shallower stream heading off towards the meadows.

Moorhen Mirror
So I headed back to the first Pond area, Pro Photographer gone, trying to work out what was the latest possible time I could leave it before I had to trudge back to work. And then at about 2 mins before my
5 mins drive back. I heard one call, a quick flash of Aqua blue, a pretty speedy skim across the top of the water, and gone! Kingfisher Excitement and Anti climax all in one notion.

Evening Sunset


  1. Hi, i found your blog by following your comment you left on Warren`s blog.

    Cracking sunset shot.

    PS : I`m envious of anyone with a DSLR, never mind a huge telephoto.

  2. Excellent write-up of your day (or should I say hour) mate, and it would seem that you and I have a lot in common! I feel inadequate, as you did, on a regular basis. You see, I too have the 55-250 lens, which is excellent for the money, but leaves a lot to be desired in the 'how big is yours?" stakes! Never mind, because BIG doesn't necessarily mean beautiful.

    I like your style mate, I'll follow this blog!



  3. Thanks for visiting my blog :-) Tracked your comment back to yours, and see you're poaching my readers!!

    Keep up the bird photography mate, you've got some good photo's already, but you'll find over the years they will get even better.
    Good luck. I'll add you to my blog list and pop back to visit from time to time :-)