Friday, 11 November 2011

An Introduction

I am hoping I can use this Blog to give an interesting insight to a few people, and hopefully more than a few, of the Sightings i've made and the Photographs I've capatured of the beautiful wildlife found in the United Kingdom.

But to be honest in could be a lot of posts full oh inert ramblings of completely inaccurate and uninteresting information.

I carry my camera pretty much everywhere I go outside so anything and everything of interest that ive photographed and edited might feature on these pages. I am pretty new to this writing / documenting lark so bare with me! All questions / comments are more than welcomed.

Many Thanks & Let me know if Im either inaccurate, uninteresting or both!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Martin, blog looking good there. Try not to take too good a photo, it will show the rest of us up. We like a crap pic on a blog we do! Thats my excuse anyway...

    All the best, Stewart.