Thursday, 24 November 2011

You Live & Learn

A short post today because I didn't really see much down at Rooksbury Mill at lunchtime, the usual species from my recent visits, Mute Swans, Tufted Duck, Mallard, Gadwall, Moorhen & Coot. Goldfinches & Long Tailed Tits in the smaller trees near the car park. 

With the weather pretty decent today I thought I might try for the Kingfisher Pic again, the light on the Pool where I've seen them recently was pretty good, so I did my best to conceal myself behind the small Ash tree, no mean task when your 6 ft 1 and overweight. So there I stood twiddling my thumbs leaning against the fence, when an Aqua flash, headed straight towards me, landing about 10 ft away on the top of the sluices from the watercress beds. The Kingfisher in all its magnificent glory, now I like to think I have been brought up the right way around wildlife, so in my over excited state I find myself speedily bringing the camera up to eye level, casting a massive shadow all over the nearby flora. Schoolboy error at its most costly! Off flies Mr or Mrs Kingfisher, leaving a slightly irate Me stood there! 20mins later and still no return, please let this be a reminder to all! 

On the plus side this Cock Pheasant was rather inquisitive toward me and my camera.

Cock Pheasant
Cock Pheasant

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  1. You were able to photograph a kingfisher! How I envy you for it! Unfortunately, I never succeeded in this. Also I see pheasants with us only very rarely.
    Great shots!