Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2011 A Year To Remember

Happy New Year Greetings to all, I must admit Im pretty pleased with the comments and kind words I've received since starting up this blog just under 2 months ago, so I'll give you a quick round up of the Birds I logged in and around my usual haunts, As well as a few extra on various holidays and days out around the British Isles in 2011.

Logged in and around home a total of 80 Bird Species, particular highlights being Black Redstart, Brambling, Green Sandpiper, Siskin & Corn Bunting - all new sightings for me in the area.

In total for the year 124 Bird Species & 13 Mammal Species a lot of the additional bird numbers seen on April's trip to the Isle Of Mull and October's getaway to Cornwall. Definite highlights included - Bittern, Chough, Hen Harrier,  Puffin, White-tailed Eagle, (All new sightings to me) Stonechat,  & Wheatear. I am pretty sure these records would be a lot more extensive If I could identify Gulls and Warblers, Mice & Shrews.

I've Included some of my favorite shots from 2011, all taken with the new Canon EOS 550D and 250mm Lens, my first ever DSLR that I bought in March.

Roe Buck, Longparish - 18th April 2011
Female Wheatear, Isle Of Mull - 23rd April 2011
Puffin, Isle Of Staffa - 27th April 2011
Bumble Bee, Longparish - 19th May 2011
Cornish Choughs, Lizard Point - 11th October 2011
Female Stonechat, Marizion Marsh RSPB - 12th October 2011

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  1. Hi mate, lovely Roe shot there, and all the best with your new lens!