Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Positively Balmy

A positively balmy 9 degrees greeted me as I left the office this lunchtime and headed down to Rooksbury Mill, hoping for a better glimpse of last weeks spotted Goosander. No such luck on that front.

However I was greeted first up by a pair of Bullfinch in the trees surrounding the car park, you cant beat that as your first bird of the day! Trying and failing to get a photograph not quite as pleasing.

Brooks Lake is still teeming with Gadwall & Tufted Duck, Coots, Moorhens the odd Mallard and Mute Swans. Plenty of Chaffinches, Blue Tits, Great Tits and Blackbirds lining the foliage around the paths. A pair of Little Egret perched high in the Ash trees on the edge of the board walk to the larger Mill Lake, still under some ice probably a quarter left remaining from last weeks big freeze. The large amounts of Black-headed Gulls joined by Coots and Tufted Duck, and 30 or so Canada Geese, who on seeing me fled to the water, in amongst which I suddenly saw this beautiful adult Great-crested Grebe, already in summer plumage, who stayed quite close for a good couple of minutes before swimming out to the middle of the water.
Great-crested Grebe
Great-crested Grebe
There were plenty of Long Tailed Tits flitting about in the neighboring alder trees, but none really fancied having there picture taken today. Which leads me to another bird which needs a bit of clarification, Im imagining as to the weather, location and time of year, and the markings that its a Chiffchaff but if anyone is under the impression it might be a Willow Warbler please let me know.

Back to the car on time today, in hope of seeing the Bullfinches again, which I did on several occasions but disturbed by the influx of walkers ( I can assume because of half term) I couldn't get a picture. Greenfinch & Goldfinch also present in and around the car park.
Drake Gadwall


  1. Goosander? Would be a Mega patch tick for me that! your bird is a Chiffchaff too.