Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thwarted By The Sunshine

As a fair weather lunchtime birder, today's bright orange light was a bit of a blessing as I sat in the office counting down the minutes to my break. Once out and all geared up with woolly hat and gloves, I headed to Anton Lakes perfect on a nice bright crisp afternoon. Not quick enough with the camera to catch the numerous Redwing taking flight around the lakes edge, the bright conditions really highlighting the russet underwing.

Next spotted a new species for the location and my first of 2012. A female Blackcap disappearing into the ivy covered tree. The lakes proved pretty quiet, with only a few Mallard, Coot, Moorhen, Tufted Duck & Little Grebe showing at the far end. A quick glimpse of Aqua gave the Kingfisher away as it headed into the overhanging branches on the opposing bank. Both Kestrel & Sparrowhawk giving a good showing on the adjoining meadow.

As I walked around to the far bank, hoping for a good glimpse of the Redwing's I instead stopped pretty sharply as the earlier Kingfisher appeared through the willow wisps 20ft in front of me. Now I know as a photographer the number one rule pretty much is don't shoot into the sun, and there only 20ft before me is a Kingfisher sat on a branch, also perched flush in the middle of the sunlight. Bloody typical, Just my luck I can see I am fast on the way to becoming a moany photographer! I've spent a while bring this photo back to life. Not to bad in the end I guess!

The Shadow Kingfisher


  1. Lovely photo Martin! Make the most of this sunshine, I think it`s all change soon!
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  2. Still miles better than any Kingfisher shot ive taken :-)