Monday, 16 April 2012

Totally Otterless

As I mentioned in my last post, I went off early on Wednesday morning last week in the hope of seeing one of the Rooksbury Otters, when I arrived on the edge of the lake at about 7 am I joined Grant on one of the fishing Jetties, having seen & photographed the Otters on the previous 2 evenings Grant had the same idea as me in getting there early in the morning. I must admit I haven't visited any large bodies of water at that time of the morning before and as the sun started to appear above the trees mixed with the mist rising from the waters surface, it created a very atmospheric scene. Just had the wrong lens on the camera to capture it.

We didn't see any Otters, but below is a link to Grant's webpage and the few Otter pics, you can also see is regularly updated work on Facebook - GrantAutonPhotography!i=1792410987&k=LmLLd34

So totally Otterless, we had to make do with watching a very statuesque Grey Heron on the opposing side of the lake, which as the time ticked away became bathed in more and more sunshine, the ripples on the water reflecting nicely too.

Grey Heron
I was just saying to Grant that I didn't think the Heron was the usual Rooksbury suspect, when within about 5 minutes the resident Heron swooped in low squawking straight for the interloper. Causing the intruder to take flight being chased all of the way. Proving my theory right.

The Intruder
There are always plenty of Coots on the lake, and if you sit and watch them long enough they are pretty good value, especially when walking on water, possibly the most ungraceful exponents of this behavior. Im still fascinated by the size of their feet, I guess they're quite a hinderance when it comes to being graceful.

Walking on Water

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