Monday, 23 April 2012

A Wild Goose Chase!

With a confirmed sighting of an Egyptian Goose down at Rooksbury early on Friday morning, a visit at lunchtime in the hope of a new patch tick proved pretty disappointing, I left work in beautiful sunshine, 20 mins later Im hidden underneath a tree sheltering from a torrential hail shower, coat left in the car. And as if to make matters worse, no bloody Goose for my list either!

Prior to the rain and hail I did manage to get quite a few decent-ish shots of a Treecreeper, a bird species Im not accustomed to seeing all that often and not at all until recently. It suprised me when I looked them up on the RSPB website. 214,000 territories seems to prove that they are fairly common. Im clearly just not looking hard enough!

Also here are a couple of pre rain Mute Swan photos.

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