Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Water Vole Aquatics & No.122

With some birthday money from my grandparents invested wisely I think in a new Manfrotto Tripod and Ball Head, I thought I better head out somewhere to road test it. So friday lunchtime I popped down to Rooksbury Mill for a mooch about. The weather was as it has been for weeks pretty undecisive, one minute sunny the other doom and gloom.

A quick scan of both lakes prooved pretty unfulfilling, the normal Mute Swans, Coot, Mallard, Gadwall & Tufted Duck the only inhabitants, so I focused my attentions on the River Anton, as there seemed to be plenty of Water Vole activity. From a good vantage point from the bridge its quite brilliant to watch these little mammals bombing up and down the waterway and running along the top of the faggots aiding the flow.

The bridge proved to also be a pretty good spot for birds, as I added another species to my year list the Whitethroat (No. 122) I had heard 2 different calling males prior to actually seeing him. Decent photo opportunities at a minimum, as for whence emerging in the open, he was bombarded by a male Blackcap, Who seemed pretty adamant to sing a whole lot louder and in-competition with the dozen or so other Blackcaps perched on the riverside branches.

Female Blackcap


  1. Nice vole photo's Martin :-) that tripod paid for itself there and then :-)

  2. Cheers Warren - Oh it definitely has, more pics to follow!