Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sunny Hare Day

After 2 weeks of weed cutting, access to the River banks his back to restricted practice as fishing as resumed, so surprised to be faced with a free sunday afternoon In some nice Summer Sunshine I had to find myself an alternative route and hopefully some alternative wildlife.

Spotting Brown Hares at the moment is pretty tricky as they are limited to freshly drilled game cover crops or newly mown grass fields. Mainly due to the height of the arable crops that are they're habitat throughout the winter and part of early spring. Around the footpaths of Longparish this is no different, with the Oil Seed Rape crops and Beans well above waist height now. The one advantage of a fairly bare area with the maize cover crop only just coming through, is that any wildlife present is easy to pick up.

Having spotted a couple of Hares in the distance, I sat myself down on the edge of the cover crop and waited. I couldn't get on the right side of the sunshine, but Im really happy with some of the shots I got as a couple of Hares came really close.

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