Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Macro Treat

So after promising to try and blog a lot more frequently, I must admit I failed miserably, but lifes hectic and wildlife's at a premium at this time of year. With the addition of the Moth Light trap to the garden and the new subjects to photograph in the form of the Moths, I thought I'd treat myself to a second hand Macro lens. Below are a selection of shots from my first outing with it one lunch hour around Rooksbury Mill Lakes.

The Bumble Bees and other insect life mainly Hoverflies quite enjoyed the yellow flowers that surrounded the old stock ponds nearby the mill. Plenty of Common Blue Damselflies buzzed around the walkway too, but none stopping long enough for me to get close for a picture. Until I spotted what I think is an immature Common Blue resting on a reed, quite impressed with the sharpness of the new lens too.

Bumble Bee
Immature Common Blue Damselfly
Lucilia Sericata
Male Banded Demoiselle
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