Sunday, 4 November 2012

A Quiet Sunday Sojurn

As the year rolls on I thought it was about time to have a wander the other side of the A303 to see if the indifferent weather had brought in any Short-eared Owls. It hadn't as of yet, but I did have a lovely hour and a half walk alongside the Woods surrounding Bransbury Common and then out on to the Common itself, an attempt to cross the River Dever failed miserably as the usually crossable ford soon came up an above my wellies. Giving me a rather wet leg.

This wasn't the only occasion either as certain parts of the meadow next to it, traipsed around by cattle appeared to be just a muddy patch but soon found me knee deep in mud. Wildlife appeared to be enjoying a lazy sunday too, I could hear Red-legged Partridge calling from the next field and they came into view enjoying the sunshine in their covey underneath the shelter of the nearby hedge. I also suspect they were in hiding from the raptor fest above. 7 Buzzard, 1 Red Kite & 2 Sparrowhawk circled high above enjoying the warm conditions. None really coming close enough for a picture.

Quite a few Butterflies still floated about, all be it quite late in the year. Brimstone & Comma both seen alongside the track. Overall quite a pleasant walk and a nice way to spend a couple of hours outdoors.

Moonlight Bank
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