Wednesday, 14 November 2012

New Website - Launched November 2012

Now I'm not one for overly plugging myself but I would like to share with you something that I am very proud of. Since June I've been working on and off on creating my website, to showcase my photography and share a little bit more about me.

Now some of you may know I work as a Graphic Designer in my day job for a large Electronics retailer, a world a million miles away from Wildlife, however it does give me a lot of the skills needed to produce a crisp clean and visually appealing website.

Again these are my own views, but having spent a fair bit of time checking out various other wildlife photographers websites and Professional photographers websites, I would like to think that I have created something completely different and something that completely reflects me and my personality.

So without further a do I shall share some visuals. Or if you want to see first hand, please check it out for yourself at

Welcome to Martin Clay Photography 
As my photography is not at a level that can be wowed on its own I thought it needs to be showcased in a way that takes the pressure off of it a little bit. All the visuals on the website as mentioned have been designed and drawn digitally, and different visuals appear on every single page throughout the site. Each page has a different header, which will change with the seasons, so at the time of writing this you can see is currently Autumn.

Working a lot with digital design, has also enabled me to pick up a few web design skills, and I have utilised these to build the website from scratch, customising everything exactly how I wanted it. I have also integrated a fully functioning PayPal shop in the hope that someone, somewhere, someday will purchase one or two of my prints just with the click of a button.

Wildlife Galleries 
Puffin Gallery 
Mammal Gallery
Apologies if I sound like I am bragging, thats not at all my intentions, I just felt like sharing some of my work that Im really proud of. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or criticisms/suggestions I'd love to hear any feedback you might have. Up to date pictures and sightings, prior to me getting around to writing these blog posts, As mentioned previously I am currently running a competition over on my Facebook page so please feel free to have a look and enter. 

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