Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bugling Bewick's

I guess it could be said that the Bewick's Swan is really Slimbridge's speciality, the wetland reserve gives a great opportunity to see these majestic wandering Tundra Swans very close up, an opportunity that you probably wouldn't get elsewhere in the Wilds of the UK.

When we were at Slimbridge during the middle of November there were only 13 Bewick's arrivals, the early visitors from there near Arctic breeding grounds. Having just looked on the Slimbridge sightings for yesterday there are now a mere 140 Bewick's arrivals.

The conditions were pretty much perfect which helped beautifully contrast the snowy white of the swan against the deep blue of the water. So a quite enjoyable day was had!

 Up to date pictures and sightings, prior to me getting around to writing these blog posts, I would be more than grateful for any 'Likes' or Comments on my FB Photography Page too so feel free to comment or criticise about anything.

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