Friday, 28 December 2012

Frosty Watermeadows

This is a scene you may have seen me post several times over the course of the year, the Halfwater a tributary of the River Test. I had the day off of work back when we had the frosty weather towards the end of november. So I was up and out by 7am in some quite crisp conditions. The sun took its time coming up, but there was a lovely soft orangey pink glow in the sky.

The colours in the sky were very pastel like, which gave a lovely soft glow over the frost covered ground. Would have loved a little more cloud for a bit of contrast but really cannot complain.

All shot handheld so apologies for the lack of sharpness.

The Halfwater 
The Halfwater
The Halfwater Hut Up to date pictures and sightings, prior to me getting around to writing these blog posts, I would be more than grateful for any 'Likes' or Comments on my FB Photography Page too so feel free to comment or criticise about anything.

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