Friday, 4 January 2013

Egret Invasion

As mentioned in previous posts there appears to be a massive influx of wintering Little Egret in and around the village. Including a pair that rise from the River at the bottom of the garden most mornings. Seeing the Egrets really isn't a problem, photographing them however appears to be so.

They seem to favour the small channels and streams that run off of the main river, or can be seen on the various watercress beds and flooded areas around the village, all lacking the cover of trees or hedges. Regularly no matter how stealthy I attempt to be I end up flushing the bird before I am anywhere near ready to photograph.

So last week I thought I would have a change of tactic. After doing the circuit of the village on foot and encountering 7 different individuals I came to the conclusion when walking past the stream that runs level with the road through Longparish, that passers by on foot cause the bird to flush every time where as in car no matter how slow you could be going the Egret isn't bothered at all.

So back in the car I got and parked myself up off the road next to the stream, lens out of the window, and so be it in the doom and gloom of the afternoon the Egret came stalking up the stream, Almost level with me when a Car coming in the opposite direction spotted the Egret, pulled up and reversed back, wound down the windows and pointed. Its fair to say I was pretty pissed off as the Egret took flight and was gone.

I did manage a few dingy shots as it stalked up the stream towards me.

Longparish Little Egret Up to date pictures and sightings, prior to me getting around to writing these blog posts, I would be more than grateful for any 'Likes' or Comments on my FB Photography Page too so feel free to comment or criticise about anything.

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  1. loving this influx of posts Martin, some stunning photography!!