Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Rooksbury Lunchtime - 11th Jan

Finally a lunch time wander in the sunshine, and my first visit to the lakes in the new year. Not a lot about really other than the usual wintering Tufted Duck on the Small lake about half a dozen pairs mixed in with 4 Little Grebe, Moorhen & 2 pairs of Gadwall.

It's funny how wildlife can still make you laugh, the below picture for instance tells the story a little bit but being there made me chuckle. Most of the Tufties headed away from me as I crouched down at the edge of the lakes to take some pics, all except this female. She remained posing for me in some gorgeous low winter sunshine. She suddenly turned around and realised the others had beggared off, and soon was hightailing it off after them, I must admit it still makes me smile now.

The Left Behind Tuftie
The remainder of my walk was pretty fruitless, I did get relatively close to a Little Egret perched up on one of the path side branches, something I have failed to do with the large population we have on the River at home. In the matter of 5 minutes the cloud had descended too. The only other sighting of note was 5 Canada Geese on the big lake.

Little Egret

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