Friday, 8 February 2013

King Of The Lake - 17th Jan

Having calmed down a little from the visit the day before I thought I'd give the lakes another go in a completely contrasting day, it was dull, dark and very cold, and all the wildlife was nowhere to be seen.

A pair of Goldcrests greeted me by the first bridge over the Anton but both flitted about far too much to allow me to even focus let alone photograph. So I carried on around and sat down on the bench over looking the small lake. The resident Mute Swans rested out in the middle so I thought I'd have a play with the metering settings on the camera and try some nice contrasty shots.

The only problem with this is, being used to human visitors and I am guessing free meal tickets, every time someone sits down on that particular bench, the Swans gather for a feed and headed straight for me. A bit close for the telephoto and scuppering my plan. They left disappointed too as I never had anything to give!

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