Friday, 12 April 2013

Leucistic Red Kite - 23rd Feb

One of the stand out birds at Gigrin farm, is the Leucistic Red Kite, a white morph of the normal Red Kite, quite an eye catching bird, and in amongst the throng of Red & Brown Kite outlines, the White one was the easiest to track through the camera lens.

Leucistic means that the colouration is mainly pure white and not the usual reds and blacks of a 'normal' kite. Leucism differs from albinism in that pigment is not entirely absent - in most cases it is at least retained in the eyes. This Leucistic individual is mainly white, and has blue eyes - not to be confused for Albino which means the lack of colouring evidenced by pink eyes.

Below are a few shots of the Bird from my visit.

Leucistic Red Kite

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