Sunday, 24 May 2015

My Month With Hares - August 2014

If you were a regular visitor to my blog, or if you swing by my Facebook page often you would probably have gathered that the Brown Hare is probably my favorite animal to photograph. So with the light evenings drawing rapidly towards a Autumn and Winter of darkness I thought I would try and spend as much time as I could during August with my local Brown Hare population.

Locating the Hares at the start of the month proved a little tricky, Harvest hadn't hit full swing and a lot of the crops were still standing. I got lucky on a couple of times with sightings on the footpaths, but with plenty of cover for them to disappear into, getting closer was unsuccessful.

As the month moved on fewer and fewer standing crop fields remained. Opening up a glut of new locations to try and bag myself some pictures. A small rise in one of the fields left a clear skyline facing into the setting sun. Several attempts (5 in fact) and I finally got the weather and the Hares in the right place. A clear evening subsided to a gorgeous bright orange sunset. The silhouette of Mr or Mrs Hare poised perfectly in front of it.

Extremely satisfied with my silhouette shots I decided to change position hoping to capture the setting sun on the Hares rather than shooting into it. Again several unsuccessful evenings followed but eventually I had an extremely close encounter with a Hare feeding among the wheat stubble. So close in fact at times my lens couldn't focus.

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