Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Like I'd Never Been Away

A trip to Rooksbury Mill was in order today, As I don't think what with various bits and bobs going on that I'd visited there in about 2 weeks. I was pretty disappointed to find all the small birds had vanished, In the whole hour I spent around the lakes, I didn't see one Blue Tit, Great Tit or Sparrow, a sorry state of affairs. A few Goldfinches did show up as I got back to the car park, but that was about it.

A few more ducks appearing on the big lake now, Mainly Tufted Ducks, Coots, Moorhen, the odd Black Headed Gull, a pair of Little Grebe and a lone Juvenile Great Crested Grebe (No.50 on the December Area List). He/She was a bit far out for a decent picture.
Very Distant Great Crested Grebe
The species and numbers on the smaller lake haven't really changed at all, Half a dozen or so Gadwall, 8-10 Tufted Duck, 2 Little Grebe and 4 Mute Swans. Both Kingfishers were calling up and down the river but I never got a glimpse today, here's to hoping for more luck at Anton Lakes tomorrow if the weather permits.
Tufted Duck Drakes
Gadwall Drake
Mute Swan Cygnet

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