Monday, 2 April 2012

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

With packing pretty much all done, and unpacking half finished, I thought I better grab some more time with the Brown Hares in the back field, before the move was finalised. I managed to work 20mins free time on Thursday evening, so positioned myself commando styley on the edge of the field, totally in the wrong place for the sun, but within seconds I'd called a Hare from the far side of the field about 400 yards away. It came pretty close, and although totally into the sun, I really like the shots I took. The light rings around the shape of the Hare look pretty cool.

I got up for work a little earlier than planned on Friday morning so headed out again up the field, trying to position myself with the rising sun behind me this time. Like before though the Hares don't really want to come to that side of the field, which I find strange, there is more cover there for starters. I did get a couple of Ok-ish shots with a nice backdrop, including "The Stretch" which was one of the slowest wakeup stretches I've ever seen. All in all not a bad 45 mins spent over the too sessions.

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