Monday, 9 April 2012

Water-Meadow Roe Bucks

Now the Roe Deer is pretty abundant in this part of the county, and for all the regularity in which I'm lucky enough to see one or several, I don't think I've ever really successfully managed to photography them as of yet. Well that happened to change at the weekend, whilst out scouting about for Owls down at Bransbury in the week, I did manage to get a few very grainy shots of this Roe Buck currently shedding his velvet. He was mooching around unperturbed by me for quite a while with 3 other deer, 2 Doe's and another young Buck that was also in velvet.

Not my finest work I will admit, but the light was fading pretty rapidly and having watched them for about an hour I thought when in a fairly open area I should try out a few shots.

My luck however changed on Friday, whilst called out with Dad to a suspected Poaching emergency, he  has been having problems with trespassing Polish & Lithuanians fishing from the side of the A303. Turned out to be a false alarm, just some lads walking back through the village from the local Course fishing lakes.

However I did spot this beautiful Buck resting in the shade of the trees at the edge to one of the water-meadows, no more than 30yards from the road. Dad seems to think he is quite a veteran, and the size of his antlers helps back that up along with a bit of a slightly grizzled muzzle. Finally some decent Deer shots to be happy about.

Water Meadow Roe Buck

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