Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Awesome Otters - Video

I spent my friday evening down at Rooksbury again in the hope of seeing the Otters in some decent light, however my visit proved unsuccessful as I stayed till it got dark. Joined by quite a few others, in various states from hidden & well camouflaged to standing on the waters edge talking rather loudly, it seems that word gets around quite quickly, no surprises then that they didn't show, I heard tale that this was also the same on Saturday evening as around 25-30 People had the lake surrounded.

So I was a bit dubious turning up at around 7pm on Sunday to find hardly any cars parked, what time could I expect the hoards of spectators? With Nat down for the weekend and not having been out with the camera I thought it might be a good way to kill a couple of hours and share with her seeing the Ottersome spectacle. A quick catch up with fellow Photographer Grant (who told me he has been spending way too much time in pursuit of the Otters - and was off home for the evening), and a brief encounter with a rather podgy Water Vole, we setup on the lakes edge, perched low down and hidden by the bank behind us. Expecting a little bit of a wait as the Sun was still a fair way above the horizon cast a late evening glow over the waters surface. 

25 mins later at exactly 8pm movement in the reed on the opposing side of the bank, and two Otters emerged in to the water in front of us. I've a fair few pictures to edit, but did have a go at some video. This short clip im pretty sure is of the Dog Otter.

I sent a quick text to Grant, more to gloat than anything I guess about how they had been out and in front of us for a good 15 mins. 5 minutes later he was sat beside us with his son, who had just been about to get in the bath, but rather speedily got told to re-dress if he wanted to witness his first Otter sighting. Both Otters proceeded to show in front of us before swimming off up the lake towards the deeper water in full play mode, rising and diving again in front of us a fair distance out in the late evening glow.

I haven't really used the Video function on my DSLR before but Im quite happy with the results. I don't think my Girlfriend quite knows how jealous I am that she managed to turn up and after 25 mins had witnessed something special without having to sit through Otterless hours! I hope you enjoy as much we did!

Pictures to follow, when I've had chance to edit them.

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  1. Hi Martin, like the site & the vids of the Otters. been visiting myself recently but no luck with the Otters, had better luck with the King fishers.