Friday, 18 May 2012

Sunday's Otter Pics

I went down to Rooksbury again on Tuesday night in the hope of a sighting with dad, but the shear amount of people everywhere seemed to be the best reason to blame why we didn't see anything. Photographers & Joe public jumping up here and there, moving every 5 minutes, talking right on the edge of the water, towering above the skyline.

I hate to sound like Im being selfish and wanting them all to myself, because that isn't the case at all, Im all for encouraging people to view the wondrous wildlife we have to offer. I just wish people had the decency to have to wait and earn the luxury of Otter watching not just turn up and expect said Otters to be performing on tap. Time spent being quiet, stealthy, low down and still, have sufficed for me and Im sure by doing so I know Im not disturbing the wildlife or anyone else's enjoyment of it .

Sorry for the rant as promised my Otter pictures from Sunday evening, nice to finally capture them out of the water too without a raucous audience!

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  1. Beautiful photographs, beautiful animal. I am greeting