Friday, 15 June 2012

Pembrokeshire - Part 4

Theres always one or more instances on a seaside holiday where you don't have to go to the wildlife, it comes to you. Usually lunchtime and no longer had we found a comfortable rock to plonk ourselves on and the sandwich box had opened, we were joined by a Lesser black-backed Gull. Turns out they quite like flakey pastry and a more than willing to allow you to photography them.

Lesser black-backed Gull

Another lunchtime rock visitor was the male Wheatear, who flew and landed feet away causing me to almost drop my sarnie and grab the camera quick, it proved quicker and I sat pondering a missed opportunity. Having spent a weekend in Shropshire earlier in the year see but missing out on photographing these corking migrants, I thought I had blown another opportunity, luckily 20 metres down the path, he was posing atop a lichen covered rock for me.

Wheatear Male
Once at the mid way point, half way round the island we realised we probably need the loo, and being treeless, there didn't appear to be any natural public conveniences. As there was only on on the island, meaning a 30min trudge back down the centre of the island to the old Farm, on the return leg it proved so worthwhile, a Little Owl showing on the stone wall that run parallel to the footpath. My first sighting of the year and my first ever opportunity to photography one. The usual sighting was hearing one call from the shed roof at night time. Im quite pleased with the pics too as I couldn't leave the footpath to get the best angle or reduce the distance.

Little Owl 

Along with the Oystercatchers, another wading bird seemed to pick the middle of the Island as a good nest spot. The Curlew, several pairs could be seen in amongst the rabbit burrows. And one lone bird circled several times above our heads. A singing Wren paused long enough near the footpath enabling me to grab a shot.

Circling Curlew
Wren in full song I would be more than grateful for any 'Likes' or Comments on my FB Photography Page.

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