Sunday, 17 June 2012

Pembrokeshire - Part 5

So as I guess your getting bored of my exploits and sightings from my week away, I finally get to the Puffins. Having decided to leave that part of the island too last, I was quite happy when we eventually got around to the Wick, to see it bathed in glorious bright warm sunshine, and quite thin on the ground with people to match. A good decision I think.

1 Hour later after numerous attempts to capture an incoming flying Puffin, bill full of Sand eels I was left with rather a lot of blurred and out of focus shots,  they tend to fly straight into the burrow because of the large quantity of Herring Gulls waiting to bully them for an was meal. I gave up and thought to focus on photographing the various posing Puffins just feet away. 

I must admit, although in the middle of the day, I had expected to see a lot more birds coming into the cliffs, (meant to be 6000pairs) and was slightly disappointed at having to shoot downwards on the majority of the birds due to the footpath restrictions, giving a green background, where I would have loved a bit of blue. I shouldn't complain at all, because they are a wondrous sight to behold, I just found from a Photographic point of view Staffas Puffins had more to offer than Skomers.

My 2nd Favourite 
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