Friday, 3 August 2012

A New One For The List

So it seems getting around to writing a blog post at the moment is about frequent as more than 2 days of sunshine in a row. I was looking back through what I had and hadn't posted lately, and realised im about a month behind. So here is a conscious effort to catch up. The following images where taken from the weekend of the 1st July. My last and latest venture out and about away from the comforts of the River Test. 

Nat was down for the weekend, so we headed off to the Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre & Reedbed's Reserve in the hope of maybe adding something different to the species list that seems not to have been added to much in the past 2 months or so and also the pleasure of visiting a new site which wasn't to far from home. Turns out we were pretty disappointed, proving more to be a outdoor adventure playground for the kids than a nature reserve, the lakes where surrounded on all sides by screaming and shouting children running here, there and everywhere. Coupled with dogs doing as they pleased on the paths. It wasn't long before we left in huff, questioning the mentality of the population of Thatcham.

There where however a few species of Waterfowl to photography on the lakes, and I did add a new species to the list, one that seems to have eluded me until this stage in the year. 4 Egyptian Geese present, taking the list up to 141.

Egyptian Goose
Greylag Goose 
Greylag Goose 
So having left with the sun shining and the rest of the afternoon in front of us, we popped in quickly to see how the Cricket team were getting on away to Burghclere, turned out the local farmers happened to be making the most of the good weather, cutting and bringing in the silage in the fields surrounding the cricket pitch. The arrival of 5 Red Kites proved far more entertaining than the cricket as they circled and called high above the pitch.

Red Kite
With plenty of rain falling in early july, the feeding stations around the garden seem to have been repopulated although none of the visitors stay to long for a photograph, although a Blue Tit did perch long enough for a picture. Another visitor to the lawn making the most of the softer ground has been the Green Woodpecker, who did pose for a picture Im fairly happy with.

Blue Tit
Green Woodpecker I would be more than grateful for any 'Likes' or Comments on my FB Photography Page.

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