Friday, 28 September 2012

September Sunshine

A couple of weeks of dry weather and the farmers can get the crops off the fields, a perfect opportunity to head out with the camera and get a few shots of the local landscape. The sun was just right one sunday morning and the freshly baled wheat field glowed Gold against the bright blue sky.

Harvest Gold
Ever since my childhood I remember these two Oak trees placed out in a grass field along the Middleway, but for some reason I had never thought to photograph them, when looking in at them with a different perspective, I realised they make quite interesting subjects.

Old Oak Trees
Middleway Old Oaks
Timing the sunsets just lately had been a bit of an issue, mainly because I was tending to miss it by 5 minutes each night. But I did manage to get out 2 nights on the trot with 2 rather contrasting sunsets, The first was bright and glowed with various hues of pink and orange, the other dramatic but dull. I think though I prefer the second nights, maybe its the black and white conversion just makes it a little more interesting.

Broadney Sunset
Broadney Stormy Sky
Now there are certain parts of the River that I've been meaning to photograph all summer, but due to Fishermen being present, work, the wrong lens on the camera and generally not having enough time to dedicate I hadn't gotten around to getting a few pictures.

Various sections of the River Test throughout Longparish are seperated into various "Beats" for Fishing. To allow the let of certain areas to be fished and to make sure there is only 1 Fisherman on each part of the river at any one time. The below is names "The Home Beat" and as the name suggest was, the beat reserved for the Wills family (Owners of the Middleton Estate). Legend has it that in days gone by the River Keeper was instructed to fly a flag from the roof on the Turbine Fishing Hut when the fly hatch was on to save a wasted trip from the main house to the river.

As I'm sure you'll agree a beautiful peaceful spot to waste away a few hours with a rod or without.

The Home Beat - River Test
The Home Beat - River Test Up to date pictures and sightings, prior to me getting around to writing these blog posts, Look out for a free give away soon as well.
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