Sunday, 30 September 2012

Short-Billed Dowitcher

After heading down to Weymouth last Saturday it seemed to good an opportunity to pass up, as reports of the Short-Billed Dowitcher at RSPB Lodmoor stated it was still present as of Friday pm. So after a quick walk around Radipole Lake we thought to head further along the road to Lodmoor for about 2pm, a quick word with a couple of 'Birders' at Radipole informed me that it was showing well at 150-200 yards but that I wouldn't get a picture ever. Snooty Bastards!

So off we headed, set a little bit of a challenge, soon spotting a lot of people congregating on the path overlooking the West Scape we walked along and joined them, overhearing one gentleman pointing out onto the salt marsh. Spotting the desired bird. As it headed further away from us but parallel to the path, I decided not to join the various other birders in trying to catch a glimpse and headed about 50-60 yards further up the path to where half a dozen people already waited with anticipation.

Gary Thoburns a rather nice photographer couldn't believe my luck as the Dowitcher drew level with us and proceeded to head out of sight behind some reeds some 80-90 yards away. He had been there since 10.30am and this was his second visit, having barely seen it previously let alone got a few shots. So everyone was happy to have seen it out in the open and fairly close, and I already had a couple of pictures in the bag. As it re emerged we all had some good views as it fed. Gary being quite chatty and with a rather superior lens setup then asked if I wanted to try my Canon on his lens to get a little more reach, I was a little set back as I've never had this kind of generosity before from any other photographers. (Only one of the shots below)

I must admit though he soon got itchy fingers as the Dowitcher started wading towards us, and I quicky passed it back and went back to my own 500mm lens. We soon both had memory cards full as my first MEGA waded within 25 yards and continued to feed and preen in front of our lenses for a good 15 minutes.

A cracking sighting for all the 25 people or so watching, as they all seemed sure it was the closest views anybody had gotten of the bird. And it proved those snooty bastard 'Birders' at Radipole wrong!

Better than I could have hoped for! 
As good as I thought it was going to get!

The only one using Gary's Lens 

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