Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Dull Rooksbury Lunchtime - 7th Feb

I mentioned in my last post some that we were now getting some decent weather. I now retract that, this particular Thursday lunchtime was dull cold and grimy. The small lake was really quiet with only one pair of Mallard visible the usual Tufted Ducks and Little Grebes absent. 

So I wandered quicker than normal on to the big lake, this was also pretty still and quiet the only birding action in the form of the resident Cormorant out on a fishing trip. On a normal day he/she is perched at the top of one of the lakeside trees surveying his/her domain, and occasionally ventures down to fish. 

On past visits if fishing the Cormorant is quite often disturbed by passers by and is generally pretty flighty but today as I was the only one stupid enough to be out and about, I only moved when it was diving and managed to get quite close allowing some pretty poor low light shots.

On my walk back to the car I spotted another Fisherman stood patiently awaiting some prey, a Grey Heron stood in amongst the reed.

Cormorant Fishing

Harry the hungry Heron

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