Friday, 1 March 2013

Misty River Sunrise - 8th Feb

Waking up earlier than normal on this particular Friday morning had its advantages, pulling back the curtains I was greeted to a stunning frosty vista across the water meadows. The sun had just started to move from behind the horizon so I quickly dressed, grabbed my camera gear and tripod and literally legged it out across the river bridges to the middle of the water meadows.

It appeared I timed it just right as the pinky orange pastel haze started to give way to the deep fiery glow of the rising Sun. The mist that covered the water meadows and nearby river only adding to the atmospherics.

Having rushed out of the house I literally only had my camera and tripod, so quickly positioned it on the river bank and started snapping away. It was nice to just use the camera settings and take some natural images, no Polarising or ND Grad filters at hand.

As I headed home back to get ready for work, I had to try for a picture of a Mute Swan pair swimming through the river mist. A truly awesome sunrise, well worth braving the cold frosty morning for and well worth missing out on an extra 45 minutes kip.

Looking Eastward
One of the Carriers
River reflections

Misty Mute Swans

PS. When processing these images all I have done is slightly boost the contrast. So you can see how vivid the scene before me was. :-)

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