Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Feeding Station Mark II

In one of last year’s posts I detailed a lot about my hide and feeding station I had set up near the river’s edge. Well throughout the course of the winter with the clocks changing and the variable weather I was really struggling to keep my feeders filled up.

 So I decided over Christmas to relocate all my feeders to the small spinney next to our house. Using the log shed as a hide and setting up shop around an old tree stump and log pile. Being only 60-70 yards from the previous station I was hopeful I would be able to maintain regular feed filling duties without having to put on my wellies and cross a stream and the River. 

I was a little dubious of the new location as the feeders where quite exposed, but very soon I had little at all to worry about as the woodland birds flocked in and have been giving my wallet a bashing buying bird food ever since. 

Relocation now seems a very smart idea as the previous hide is under about 2 feet of water and the new location offers some stunning afternoon light and some much clearer backgrounds. Below are a few shots taken so far.

Backlit Long-tailed Tit

Blue Tit

My Best Long-tailed Tit Shot Ever 

Marsh Tit

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