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NEW eBook - Longparish Images From A Year In Nature

Longparish - Images From A Year In Nature

I just thought I would share a little bit more about a project I have been working on for the past couple of months. In early November a couple of things happened in my life, both tiny little things that gave me the inspiration for what was to come. Firstly I downloaded an eBook by Peter Cairns featuring some of the stunning Landscapes and Wildlife of the Cairngorms national park. (would recommend to anyone if you want to see some stunning photography) Secondly I went to see a talk at my local theatre by wildlife photographer of more than some acclaim Andy Rouse. Now although I am under no illusion that my photography is anywhere near the leagues of these two guys, I realised I needed to focus my photography on one or just a few singular concepts or species.

A bit of thought led me to the conclusion, with work and other commitments I don't really have the time to get obsessive about such things as individual species or projects, back to the drawing board, then it hit me square between the eyes. Like the Cairngorms work of Peter Cairns the majority of my photography taken over the past 12-18 months has been on the local patch in my local village of Longparish in North HampshireSo there it was my focus!

The use of my design skills would come in handy, digital reading seems to be the norm these days, with portable computers, tablets and iPads in every house hold. The creation of my very own digital book would definitely cut down the printing and production costs and I had the luxury of being able to design and compile it all by myself. It seemed logical to split the chapters of the book into seasons, having spent more than a whole year throughout the village a look back through all my photographs gave a massive amount of shot and range of scenes and species to play with. Enabling me to talk about and show a wide range of flora and fauna relevant to each season.

Barn Owl
Common Spotted Orchid
Other than my passion for the local sights writing the eBook has given me an opportunity to share my own experiences and opinions on the village and its wild inhabitants in a literary form. My initial thoughts were that I would struggle to write about anything, but I soon found putting my memories and encounters to words was probably the most enjoyable part of the creation process.

As well as an illustrated look at the local seasons, I have included a couple of fairly detailed walks that I often undertake around the village detailing a few of the species I may encounter along the way.

Brown Hare
Spring Mayfly
The eBook is available to download from the link at the top of this blog, and I am charging a very reasonable £3 I think for the digital download. It is readable straight away on Android & Apple devices as well as desktop PC. Full instructions are listed on my website if any issues are encountered.

 I am currently running a fairly large feeding station for the woodland birds not far from my house, and it appears that half of the villages feathered inhabitants are choosing to feed there. Therefore to start with all proceeds of the eBook will be put towards bird feed. I am also looking for a local project that I can support in the coming months with which proceeds from eBook downloads can be donated.

Peacock Butterfly
Middleway Sunrise 
Here are a couple of early reviews:

''I have just downloaded your Longparish year in nature e-book, and although haven’t yet at time to look at it properly, I can already tell it is the best £3 I have ever spent! I have always had an interest in wildlife and nature and about a year ago decided I would give photography a go. I have probably not been out using my camera as much as I would have liked, but looking through your e-book, I am inspired to see if I can capture any image just 1% as good as yours!"

Mark, Andover - Feb 2014

"it looks BRILLIANT!!!! You should be well pleased with that!'s written beautifully, I love this at the start 'waiting for that fleeting moment to live forever' all the pics are fab...."

Ann-Marie, Andover - Jan 2014

Marsh Tit
River Test In Winter
As always thank you for taking the time to read this far, and thank you in advance to anyone who might purchase my eBook. Download My NEW eBook Here!

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